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Duration: about 2 hours

Location: Florentin, Tel Aviv

Family Graffiti Workshop 

Come and enjoy a creative workshop. 

Let us lead you into an experience

of fun and artistic freedom.

We will start with a half hour tour in the trendy neighborhood of Florentin, where we will explore new and daring Israeli Graffiti Artists that are gaining recognition around the world.


Then we will continue to the private back yard of the smallest gallery in the world, where we will have a wide variety of cool graffiti stencils to choose from. Murielle Street Art, a professional Graffiti Artist, will teach you the creative techniques and secrets behind Graffiti Art.


Enjoy the experience of making graffiti on a T-shirt or canvas and take home with you your own 

unique graffiti work of art.

An experience you will never forget !

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