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I offer a unique service for your event that nobody else can imitate.

30 SECOND PORTRAITS without looking on to the page,

which leaves the person with an experience they will never forget.



The experience is as quick as photography but a sketched image by hand eliminates the machine from the exchange.  One human rapidly records another, without a camera, film, or editing. Murielle  does portraits in 30 seconds, sketching while only looking into the eyes of her subject.  The interaction is extremely powerful and the finished piece lingers as a testament to those thirty seconds in time. 

They are haunting images, seemingly ancient black strokes. Disjointed, blocky visages radiate the essence of a living being. 

A few inspired words grace each portrait with keen truth.Her mediums include charcoal, paint, and ink. The act of creation almost seems like a birth, powerful to record, a slight pain to render. 

The connection can almost be said to be momentarily freeing.  

Finally, one meets someone, eye to eye, directly without words or noise and is given a one of a kind original work of art.

For the full article and video click here
For the full article and video click here
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