Duration: 2-3 Hours

Location: Florentin, Tel Aviv

Be a Graffiti Artist for a Day

Join us on a fun, exciting and unforgettable experience.


Murielle Street Art, a well known Street Artist and founder of the first Graffiti Gallery in Tel Aviv, will teach you skills and guide you through the making of your first Big Graffiti Work of Art.


In the private back yard of "Tiny Tiny Gallery" located in the trendy Graffiti neighborhood of Florentin, you will learn to use spray cans, joy sticks, stencils, graffiti markers, paints, etc...


Next, we will spray on an urban wall in Tel Aviv or on canvas, using a multi-layered stencil. This way the work will come out exactly as planned and everyone can take part in making our Graffiti Masterpiece come to life.


Be proud, show off your skills and talents as a real Graffiti Street Artist. 

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Leave your creative mark on the streets of Tel Aviv

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